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Handcrafted with passion and tradition, our smoked products deliver unparalleled flavours that embody the Legouffe family's expertise passed down through generations


4 Generations and the legacy continues today

With a rich history spanning four generations, Fumoir Cascapedia proudly carries on its legacy, preserving traditional smoking techniques and providing exquisite smoked delicacies today.

Fumoir Cascapédia's owner Jerry Legouffe's grandfather holding a large salmon.Jerry Legouffe's father caught a salmonJerry Legouffe holding a salmon next to his baby.Jerry Legouffe and his son is catching a salmon.
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Locally Sourced from the Acadian Coast

Experience the authentic flavours of Canada's East Coast with our locally sourced ingredients

Featured Products

cold smoked salmon produced by Fumoir Cascapédia

Cold Smoked Salmon

A delicious delicacy made by gently curing and smoking fresh salmon, resulting in a tender and flavourful treat.

cold smoked trout produced by Fumoir Cascapédia

Cold Smoked Trout

Expertly cold-smoked to perfection, our trout delights with a rich and savoury taste experience that is sure to please discerning palates.

lemon dill smoked salmon produced by Fumoir Cascapédia

Lemon Dill Smoked Salmon

Zesty lemon and aromatic dill complement our cold-smoked salmon perfectly, providing a refreshing and savoury taste experience.

What Our Customers Say

Find out why our customers are our biggest advocates

"Great place to buy cold smoked fish! She gave us a mini tour of the process. I should have bought more."

Delfin S.

"Wonderful experience. Kind storekeeper explained the traditional smoking process to us and showed us the smoking room. Great fish and can’t wait to come back."

Christina L.

"Outstanding! We tried most of their products during a recent trip to the Gaspe and all were excellent but our favourites are the smoked salmon, brisket, and bacon. The salmon is especially good, not too salty with a rich but not overpowering smoked flavour"

William W.

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